Energy Crisis&Thermal Energy Harvesting
In the last few decades, immense efforts have made to explore and develop alternative technologies to solve energy crisis. The thermal energy harvesting technologies are currently based on the thermoelectric, thermomagnetic and thermoelastic effects, which tap energy sources that would otherwise go to waste and help reduce demand on other energy generation methods, in particular fossil fuel consumption. Among them, thermoelectric energy harvesting is the most popular and studied technology.
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HPS team plans to develop our core technology in the key components and the assembled module design to achieve high-performance for a green energy source of smart city from Low-grade heat (<100°C), which is projected to be one of the most sustainable energy sources.

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Thermoelectric energy conversion of human body heat represents a promising alternative as it is largely independent of external factors. We proposed a new generation of TEC using the new materials with the thermal response in the body temperature regime, allowing the integration of wearable devices with our TECs.

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We invented a Thermo-Battery (USA Patent: Appl. 62/617514, 2018), which composited a graphene-based and a conductive polymer as active materials for the battery-type electrodes. The conversion efficiency of a TB achieves over 5%, which can be a game-changing green energy technology.
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Industrial low-grade heat
Provide low-grade heat harvesting solutions for customers from different industries by integrating our DTCCs to the surfaces of their machines, tanks, etc..
Lightweight low-grade heat
Apply our DTCCs to sensors, building wall panel and rooftop, electronics, saving energy for homes and businesses.

Performance Solution won the DreamCatchers100K prize and Government support
Economics Daily reports that High Performance Solution has a large potential market
TVB News: Interview with High Performance Solution Limited
Our patented technology has published in Nature Communication
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