We invented a Thermo-Battery (USA Patent: Appl. 62/617514, 2018), which composited a graphene-based and a conductive polymer as active materials for the battery-type electrodes. The conversion efficiency of a TB achieves over 5%, which can be a game-changing green energy technology. This technology can achieve a high electrochemical Seebeck coefficient of 5 mV/K and a thermal voltage of 0.35 V when heated at 70℃. This is higher than the current technology of thermoelectric module generator(TEG) in a low temperature regime. The Seebeck coefficient of TE is 0.0002 V/K and efficiency is less than 2%. The electricity generated from TB can be further store in the battery management system (BMS) after returning to room temperature, thus allowing a wild range application to power different electronics devices.
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Our vision is to be the most advanced and largest technology and services provider to global industry, and in partnership with them, to forge a powerful competitive technology for harvesting low grade waste heat.

Our mission is to be the trusted technology and capacity provider of heat-to-electricity conversion for years to come