TVB News: Interview with High Performance Solution Limited

Economics Daily reports that High Performance Solution has a large potential

Our patented technology has published in Nature Communication

Performance Solution won the DreamCatchers100K prize and Government support

Prof. Shien-Ping Feng, founder of High Performance Solution Limited, and his student Dr. Lei Wang, founder of Eco Flow, have their eyes on Dawan District, starting up companies in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, respectively, thereby promoting the translation of scientific and technological advances into practical productive forces.
Senior economic commentator pointed out that High Performance Solution has become a leader in the field of renewable energy by implementation of the core technology of thermal battery.
The technologies currently used in thermoelectricity are far from optimal. Our DTCC can achieve a high electrochemical Seebeck coefficient of 5mV/K and a thermal voltage of 0.35V when heated at 70℃, higher than the current technology of thermoelectric module generator in a low temperature regime.
High Performance Solution, spin-off company from the University from Hong Kong, won the 100K Hong Kong Dollars enterprise seed fund and Government TSSSU Funding

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